The tale of the patchwork sofa

This patchwork sofa cover (ashamedly) took me FIVE months to complete - I could, in all honesty, have finnished it in about a month, but every time I got stuck I would give up for a week before trying again and I got stuck A LOT.

This is the original sofa.

Ok, well, that’s a little fib, this is what the sofa would have looked like around 7 years ago, I am way too ashamed to put a photo of the actual sofa on here. This is because it’s partially bleached by the sun, my foster rat ate a hole in a cushion (sneaky bugger), the cushions are misshapen beyond belief and the fabric on the seat is so worn down it’s more hole than fabric.

In short, it’s gross.

However, the structure is still good. Unfortunately re-upholstery was out of the question (the sofa just doesn’t come apart!) and IKEA don’t make covers for this model. We looked into getting a cover made, but it was crazy expensive - more expensive than buying a new sofa!

Unfortunately, I had looked at 2 pinterest boards and an online tutorial and decided I COULD DO THAT EASILY! In fact WHY NOT MAKE IT PATCHWORK? Also, let’s not buy the proper materials LETS BID FOR OLD CURTAINS ON EBAY. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.

Well, here it is, made from a base of 60s curtains and way too many different fabrics.

It’s actually 2 seperate covers (the sofa can pull apart at the ‘L’) You pull it on/off like a giant sweater, so there are no zips/velcro to contend with.

The fish is from IKEA. My main regret is USING SO MANY TINY SQUARES! This mainly happened due to the fact the only thing I could find to use as a tempate was the bathroom scales. This project could have been over 100% quicker if I had spent time finding something slightly bigger.

Because we’re fancy, it has corduroy pockets.



it never ends


it never ends

My patchwork sofa is finally complete :)

My patchwork sofa is finally complete :)

A gift for Kate…(the making of)

So, as the Kate concert was to be the highlight of my life I decided to make her a gift to say thank you (obsessive fan much ;).

I decided to base the piece on the original concert/promotional photo, because it was such a powerful/interesting image.

It was originally going to be a card, but after truly fucking up the face with my fineliner after 4 hours work it somehow evolved into a textile piece(?!) I don’t really remember why I thought this was a good solution, but it was 1 in the morning and most ideas at that time are pretty nonsensical.

So here’s the finnished piece!

The photograph doesn’t really show a lot of the beading/detail, but you can get the gist. I used hand embroidery/stitching (face, lifejacket, outlines etc), needle felting (hair) and crazy loose stitching and beading for the water. I transformed the image into a more art nouveau dream than terrifying dark water nightmare.

The back looked like a pubic hair octopus (see photo below) So I backed the piece with some light blue cotton fabric, and sandwiched some stiff canvas in between to make the piece more stiff (hehe)

In the end I was pretty pleased and a bit sad to see it go - but it’s nice to imagine Kate got to see it.

I gave it to the security guy at the artist/crew gate, who said he’d pass it onto Kates security, so I’ll never know if she ever got to see it, but for me it’s enough just to dream that she got it :) I wish I’d just thrown it onto the stage during the encore - but I had no idea I would be as close to the stage as I was!


Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 



Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 


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wake-of-the-witch said: Your gift for Kate is absolutely gorgeous..I love it

Thank you :D I hope she got it!

A gift for Kate

A gift for Kate

The funeral of Ashburne House took place on 30/05/12

My final piece, Fine Art, Sunderland University 2012.

Ashburne house was the beautiful building where all the darlings of the Sunderland student art scene resided and brought their inner creations to life. My year was the last to use the building, which has been sold off to evil investors (I assume).

I installed an empty coffin into the building and encouraged users of the building to fill the coffin with momentos, artworks, memories, photos - to represent the spirit of Ashburne House and all of the art created within.

I then invited all to a funeral, where the coffin was buried in the grounds.

I heartily look forwards to the police investigation when the coffin is eventually found, as my name is probably the only one not in the coffin.


Halloween flamingos from Florida

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Blast from the past

'Zan The Musical' 2009

The final piece from my foundation year at Sunderland University.

A performance piece based on my past experiences with mental health, hospital admissions and burlesque.

Sound piece by me.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do…

Hello everyone, Zan here, I expect you’ve found it a little quiet on my blog.

Was I kidnapped by aliens? Did I fall into a chocolate coma? Nope. Chuck Tesla.

The truth is I gave up on art and infamy and World Domination and tried to become a grown up. As you can clearly see, I have failed.

I spent that last few years denying I was an artist, I tried ‘dressmaker’ ‘business owner’ ‘minimum wage popcorn mogul’ ‘desperate housewife’ and, since my move to Holland ‘house-bound-craft-hermit’.
 I sucked at all of the above.

I got super depressed and ate a lot of crisps.

So what changed? It was a slow re-ignition rather than an explosion. Ideas suddenly sparked off songs, darting around my brain as I tried to sleep. As I sat, glued to the numbing glow of the television, Brian Blessed shouted at me. THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU. I feel seconds of motivation before I slump back down into my derpressed state. BUT THE SPARK DIDN’T GO OUT. More sparks, more inspirations, burning in the very back of my brain, under the fire-blanket of depression, BUT NEVER GOING OUT.

Then finally, that gust of wind blew through my life, igniting the sparks and creating an almighty fire, reigniting the burning need to create, to push, to strive, to create art again, regardless of the consequences.

'The wind it blows, the wind it blows…..'  - Kate Bush (King of the Mountain)


Buy yourself some standard crayons and arrange your room how you like. They can add a little playfulness to your room.

So cute!


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…and just like that, the tide turned, and she was back…